Quick Start

The only dependency is nix, so make sure you have it installed.

Get the Template

If you currently don't have flakes setup, you can utilize the digga shell to pull the template:

nix-shell "https://github.com/divnix/digga/archive/main.tar.gz" \
  --run "nix flake init -t github:divnix/digga"

If you already have flakes support, you can directly pull the template:

nix flake init -t github:divnix/digga

Then make sure to create the git repository:

git init
git add .
git commit

Finally, run nix-shell to get to an interactive shell with all the dependencies, including the unstable nix version required. You can run menu to confirm that you are using digga (expected output includes [docs], [general commands], [linter], etc.).

In addition, the binary cache is added for faster deployment.


  • Flakes ignore files that have not been added to git, so be sure to stage new files before building the system.
  • You can choose to simply clone the repo with git if you want to follow upstream changes.
  • If the nix-shell -p cachix --run "cachix use nrdxp" line doesn't work you can try with sudo: sudo nix-shell -p cachix --run "cachix use nrdxp"

Next Steps